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Are you eligible for a SIG Scholarship?

Applicants for SIG Scholarships must meet all relevant eligibility requirements below.

Complete the eligibility checklist before progressing.

  • Are you a citizen of the Solomon Islands?
  • Do you meet the minimum academic requirements for the
    Scholarship for which you are applying? (See Criteria)
  • Are you applying for a course and field of study at an education
    institution that is included in the National Training Plan?
  • Are you currently not holding another scholarship?
  • Are you willing to return to the Solomon Islands for two years on
    completing your scholarship?
  • Will you be committed to your studies while on scholarship?
  • Are you competent in speaking and writing the language of
    instruction where you will be studying?
  • Have you previously been terminated from a SIG Scholarship?
  • Are you honest and law abiding?
  • Have you read and understood the conditions of a SIG Scholarship?

In-Service scholarship applicants only

  • Are you currently employed?
  • Do you have the support of your employer to take up a scholarship?
  • Will your study choice better equip you to undertake your work on completion of your studies?

Age limits for applicants

To apply for a SIG scholarship, you have meet the following age requirements:

For Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor's Degree

  • Pre-Service Scholarships - 35 years of age and under
  • In-Service Teacher’s scholarship – 45 years of age and under
  • In-Service Public Sector Scholarship - 45 years of age and under for master and PhD
  • Master’s degree - 50 years of age and under
  • PhD – no age limit

Constituency Development Scholarship Applicants

To uphold the integrity of SIG Scholarships, Constituency Scholarship nominees must meet all the following Eligibility Criteria to receive a scholarship:

  • Is a member of the MP’s constituency
  • Is a citizen of the Solomon Islands
  • Is not an MP’s ‘associate’ as defined by the Leadership Code
  • Does not have a criminal record and does not have any outstanding law enforcement matters
  • Must select a course and education institution identified in the Solomon Island Tertiary and Skills Education Training Plan for that year.
  • Must have achieved the required GPA for the identified program of study.
  • If currently a self-sponsored student, must submit academic transcripts for this study to show that they are making satisfactory academic progress.
  • Has not previously held a scholarship (SIG Scholarship or other scholarship) for tertiary studies within the past two years.
  • Has not had a SIG Scholarship terminated.
  • Applicants should be applying only for Pre-Service Scholarship categories

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Eligibility Criteria

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