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Frequently Asked Question(s)

1. Where can I apply for an SIG Scholarship?

The scholarship application is available online and can be accessed at:

2. I did not get vaccinated and therefore I would like to know if I am still eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Applicants to check mandatory requirements at:

3. I have completed Cert III at a nominated vocational institution and would like to continue to Cert IV at SINU, which category would be applicable for me.

Applicants who have completed Cert III and want to continue to a Cert IV at SINU must apply under the Pre-Service Skills Category.
This category is applicable to eligible applicants who wants to study Cert III at a nominated RTC or Cert IV at SINU.

4. I know that the scholarship application is online. However, can I also submit a manual/hardcopy?

The scholarship application is online and No hard copy submissions will be accepted. The scholarships application form can be accessed at: For first time user/first time applicants, please proceed to create an account first before logging-in to apply. You can access it from here:

5. I am a self-sponsored student but my program of study is not listed in the SITESP 2023-2024 Scholarships Training Priorities.

The SITESP 2023-2024 outlines training priorities of the Government to meet the human resources demand of the country. Programs not available in the Scholarships Training Priority listings would not be funded under the SIG Scholarships program. Scholarships Training Priorities and programs are updated each year to reflect the labour demand needs of the Country.

6. I was a previous SIG funded student who was terminated from the scholarship program.
Now I am interested to continue my study, can I be considered for an SIG scholarship to complete the program?

All SIG funded students who have previously been terminated must satisfy the following conditions: Satisfy requirements outlined in the Scholarships handbook policy for terminated students. Re-apply for scholarships through the merit-based selection process (only if program is listed in the SITESP Plan/Scholarships Priority list). Must re-apply for a qualification higher than the qualification previously funded by the SIG Scholarships program. For instance, if a student is terminated at a Bachelor’s degree level, he/she can only apply for a qualification higher than the Bachelors degree
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